How to Take Pictures Like a Professional

October 5th, 2012

 ... Nashville Events | Nashville on the Move | Nashville Real EstateThere are some fabulous blogs on the web, but I recently stumbled across one by a Nashville family photographer that I really enjoyed. Not only were the pictures incredible, but it was nice to read information and advice from someone who is doing something that I would like to do some day: take pictures for a living. If you are anything like me, though, you know that is easier said than done. I am perfectly capable of taking a nice, ordinary picture. However, I struggle to capture a special moment and make it look half as good as it did in real life. There are a few online tips that I have come across, however, that are helpful.

For whatever reason, I have always tried to center my subject right in the middle of my shot. Continue Reading…

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Scrapbooking, a Great Way to Pass the Cold Minnesota Winters

November 9th, 2012

Every single state in the United States has a stereotype about it. The state of Minnesota is no different. When people think about Minnesota, in their mind they envision blistering cold winters, thousand’s of lakes, large blonde haired men and women walking around in flannel clothing saying yeah sure you bet-yah. And while Minnesota does not live up to all of the stereotypes, one stereotype about Minnesota is true. The people there love to do scrap booking. We can scrapbook in just about any style. My wife has a scrapbook that is done in a New Orleans art style. Some of our friends have scrapbooks that look as if they would fit in somewhere in the streets of Paris.

When my wife first started scrap booking, she felt a little bit overwhelmed. Since she did not grow up in Minnesota, but only moved there after we were married, she felt like she was a little bit behindthe learning curve. So what she did is she quickly went on the Internet and started to read some tutorials on how to do scrap booking. Also she learned a lot from the other women in our community when she was invited to some of their scrap booking parties.

Probably my wife’s greatest scrap booking achievement is the two volume 100+ page scrapbook that she did on our trip to Eastern Europe. The fact that she knew that when she got home she was going to scrapbook the trip, made it more exciting for her. So while we were there she wasconstantlylooking for small little things that she could include in her scrapbook that would represent the area that we were visiting at the time. I have to say that she did an excellent job. Even now some eight years later, when I look at her scrapbook I have vivid memories of our trip. Now, my wife is one of the individuals that people who are new to scrap booking turn to to look for tips and suggestions.

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Scrapbooking Turned into Some Wall Art

October 17th, 2012

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE CAR WALL ART STICKER DECAL VINYL T56 - VSgraphicsI found some great wall art ideas the other day when I was online killing some time waiting for my kids to get home from school. I have been scrapbooking for about three years and love it. I have so many different scrapbooks around the house that never really get looked at anymore. I show them to people as soon as I get them done, but then they go up on my shelf and only looked at by me when I feel like looking back at some of the fun things that my family has done over the years.

I thought that the wall art ideas that I found would be a great way for me to share the family memories with everyone that comes to my house.

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